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Church weddings are traditional and beautiful. So if you are ready to tie the knot and you want to have a church wedding, be sure to speak with a church official about their guidelines when it comes to wedding etiquette. Follow and share them with the people in your wedding so that everybody is on the same page and your big day will be one big success.


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Wedding Decorations for Church
Every bride wants the church to look beautiful and reflect her taste on her wedding day. Using homemade, more personal decorations is a desirable alternative to the pricier versions available at stores. Whether traditional, casual or themed, there are a wide variety of options available to create a memorable setting for your church wedding.


Flowers, a popular decorative choice, are used at the altar, entryways, church pews, aisles and doors. They can vary from the ones used in the bridal bouquet but the colors should match. Use large arrangements for churches; small arrangements are lost on large, open church altars. Brightly colored flowers photograph better than dark flowers -- choose brighter flowers for arrangements that will be used in wedding pictures. Take arrangements to the church ahead of time to make sure they are desired size and color, as well as match the church decor.


Large potted plants are available to purchase or rent at prices lower than large flower arrangements, and look just as elegant and beautiful. Consider plants such as ferns or peace lilies instead of or in addition to flower arrangements for altars, entryways and aisles. Plants are also less likely to irritate guests with allergies than richly scented flowers.


The altar is the focal point of the wedding and can be enhanced by decorations other than plants and flowers. A wedding arch that matches your wedding's theme can be placed in front of the altar. Arrange candles on and next to the altar; a unity candle is a traditional and personal decoration at church weddings. Wrap altar rails with tulle, garlands, flowers, balloons or themed decorations. Cover the podium with fabric or decorate with bows, photographs or flowers.

Pews, Doors and Entryways

Wedding themes can be added to pew, door and entrance decorations. Instead of flowers, attach balloons or bows to pews and doors. Add elegance by placing plants and candelabras next to pews and in entryways. Use ornaments personalized with the with the bride and groom's names for Christmas weddings or seashells tied with ribbon over tulle for a seaside wedding to carry the theme throughout the church.


Discuss decorations with a church official before purchasing them. Most churches provide guidelines and rules. Use a nonslip aisle runner attached to the carpet with pins or to hard floors with Florist Tac. Use decorations that are quick and easy to put up, and have enough people available to assemble them, as churches often host more than one wedding per day. Volunteers are also needed to safely remove and store decorations.

Important to Know

Some churches do not like brides to expose their shoulders. It is best to check on what is expected with the official who will be conducting the ceremony. Have him answer any additional questions you may have about the wedding. Remember: these people have lots of experience with weddings so do not feel shy about asking anything that comes to your mind.

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